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Ateis LAPG2

  The ATEÏS LAPG-G2 is the new generation of Linked Audio Processor developed by ATEÏS. The processor is the state-of-the-art solution to meet almost all requirements of modern sound design in contemporary applications.

Designed for Commercial application, the LAPG2 is the new DSP audio Matrix for big paging application and multi zone audio routing.

According to its powerful audio numerical signal treatment and its new audio I/O boards, the LAPG2 can easily be used in an exigent environment requiring high audio quality.

In order to fully utilise the LAP-G2 system Eiger Solutions has written two programmes


1. Call Station Programme.     

      See the LAPG2CallStation Page



2. Message Scheduler Programme.  

 See the Message Scheduler Page       
A bit about the Ateis LAPG2 Controllers 
The Ateis LAPG2 Controller uses Third Party Commands to enable routing of audio through the system. These must be set up in the controller and the commands entered into the programme for it to work.    
In order to route the audio, Page Selectors are used. The audio inputs are routed to the Page Selectors and the outputs and TTLIn inputs are set to Third Party Control. This will give a list of commands. These commands can be altered to something more meaningful or left as they are.    
When a call is started from the PC, it sends the relevant commands to the LAPG2 Controller to set the outputs and the TTLIn for the correct input.    
As the Page Selector has a natural priority system - input 1 has priority over input 2 etc. - the microphone is generally connected to input 1, PC messages to input 2 and the LAPG2 Message to Input 3. If other more important inputs are used then these can be put in 1 or 2 etc and the otheres lower down.    
It is very important that the Third Party Commands are entered into the programme correctly as the LAPG2 Controller does not respond if it receives a command it does not understand. This can cause a problem as the programme assumes that the controller has disconnected if it gets no repsonse for three consecutive commands.    
There is a limitation on the Ateis LAPG2 Controllers that means that if an IDA4 is attached to the controller then Third Party commands cannot be used in that LAPG2. Other LAPG2s without an IDA attached can have Third Party controls.

This is not the case with IDA8s.

The IDA8 can use Third Party commands in any unit.