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Ateis LAPG2 Call Station

There are two versions of the  Ateis LAPG2 Call Station


  1. A Basic Call Station which allows for the selection of zones for a microphone call and with a very basic recorded message playing facility.

  2. A much more sophicated Call Station which allows fore the selection of zones for a microphone call but has the facility to select up to 100 pre-recorded messages.

The Software provides a Computer Interface to the Ateis LAPG2 Controllers.


there is also a Message Scheduling programme for  the Ateis LAPG2 Controller. Please look at the Message Scheduler page for more information.



Product Highlights



 Both programmes are written using Visual Basic and provides all of the following features:


  • Fully configurable screen layout
  • 128 Zones
  • 32 Groups
  • Status of call shown on screen
  • Display of time left for a voice call if call timeout set
  • Automatic ending of voice call if call timeout set
  • Controlling prerecorded messages stored within the Controllers
  • Controlling prerecorded messages stored within the PC

Additional features that can be added:

  • Full Control of background music
  • Detecting when Zones are in use
  • Fault Logging and display





Up to 128 zones can be configured with zones spread across several  controllers if needed. Zones can be grouped either in the front end software or in the Controllers with up to 64 Groups in the software. Each Group can contain up to 128 zones each. The same Zone could be in several Groups depending on the requirements.

Pre-recorded messages can be stored in the PC or LAPG2 Controller to be broadcast to selected Zones.
If the messages are short and only broadcast to Zones within a single Controller then they can be stored in the Controller and selected via the software. If messages are lengthy or there are a lot of them which are constantly changing then they are best stored on the hard disc of the PC.


The Basic programme can only handle 10 messages.

The Message panel  can show messages stored in the PC and those stored in the  Controllers.
The messages panel  is normally moved off to the right and displayed when the Show Messages button pressed. It can be passworded so that unauthorized users cannot send pre-recorded messages over the network


The status of the the current call within the  Controller is shown on the right of the screen. It shows whether the Start Chime, Messages, Microphone, or End Chime is active. Also there is a progress bar which shows the amount of Talk Time is left. The Talk Time can be configured so that if, by accident, the Microphone is left open and the PTT is latched, the programme will automatically end the current call.

Additional Features

There can be full control of background music.

The Basic Call Station software just deals with normal voice calls and message transmission but the programme can be written to provide any facility required.


There is really no limit on the number of LAPG2 Controllers, Zones, Groups etc which can be accessed and can be increased to whatever is required.


Also any layout is possible even using multiple screens to display different areas - especially useful if a large number of Zones is required.

The more sophisticated Programme

This has all the features above but can handle 300 messages.
Also the messages can be set in two ways

1. Zones selected at the time of setting the message
2. Zones selected at the time the message is played.

See the Bosch Praesideo Message Scheduler for how the screen looks