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Computer Software


If you have a need for a programme to do a specific task then please contact me. I am sure that I can come up with a solution that would meet our needs.

If you have a Database that requires a front end programme to access the data then please contact me.

If you have a Microsoft Access Database that need altering or updating then please contact me.

Programmes can be updated - if you have the source code (VB6 or VB.NET) - or completely rewritten in the latest VB.NET version.
New programmes can be written to perform almost any task using VB6 or VB.NET

Examples of programmes written for various customers include:

Automatic Quote Builder programme that allowed the user to go through a series of pages specifying equipment required and then printing out a full quote complete with all costs including breakdown of each cost.

A Document Handing programme that linked into their own database. It created documents through a series of templates and imported documents from a scanner or emails. It allowed the user to keep track of all documents either by customer, project, or type. Each document was given a unique code that allowed it to be found easily.

A programme to store and locate Visio Drawings using keywords. When the drawing was located it was presented to be altered by the user or just printed.

A basic Invoicing programme that allowed for the creation of Invoices.

Various versions of a Message Scheduling programme which will work with the Ateis LAPG2 Controller, the Bosch Praesideo Network Controller or to a non zoned PA system just using messages stored on the PC.