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About Eiger Solutions

Eiger Solutions was formed in 1997 primarily to write software to control the Carter Voce VxLAN Public Address system.

Since then I have written software for a number of companies including:

  • Carter Voce Limited
  • Carter Voce Access Control
  • Credit Control Facilities
  • Ampekko
  • Xtralis (Vision)
  • Bosch UK
  • Bosch France
  • Ateis UK
  • Chubb
  • Solid State Security
  • Professional Sound Consultants
  • SSEAudio

Public Address systems that I have written control software for include:

  • VxLAN Controllers
  • Bosch Praesideo Network Controllers - NCO-B and NCO-3
  • Ateis LAPG2 Controllers
  • Ateis IDA4 Controllers

In order to supply a complete package for stadiums that have Eiger Solutions; Public Address Controller software I have also written a Turnstile Monitoring System which uses a special interface board connected to the turnstiles to count the number of people entering each stand.

I have also written several database programmes using Microsoft Access for various customers.

I mostly use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using VB.NET to write programmes.


A bit about Me

Originally I worked for Burroughs/Unisys as a Senior Systems Engineer and Systems Analyst on everything from Large Mainframe systems to small Bank Terminals. After leaving Unisys I worked for a time repairing PCs and Laptops.

In 1997 I decided to work for myself and started Eiger Solutions. I started programming using VB6 and Microsoft Access 2.0 writing software for a Credit Control Company.

I joined up with Carter Voce Limited to develop software to control their VxLAN systems. I helped with installation and control of Public Address and Voice Alarm systems.

When Carter Voce Limited was taken over by Ampekko, I continued to produce software for the VxLAN systems.

I developed the GATEWATCH TURNSTILE MONITORING software so that Ampekko could provide a complete system for stadiums.

Later when Ampekko failed, I joined with Vision Systems – later Xtralis – who took over the VxLAN system to provide Public Address, Voice Alarm and Turnstile Monitoring systems.

When Xtralis decided to switch to BOSCH PRAESIDEO systems to provide the Public Address and Voice Alarm systems I continued to provide software to control the PRAESIDEO Controllers.

I have been involved in the installation of several large Bosch Praesideo systems and can provide help to install a new system or reconfigure a system if the configuration file needs altering or a unit needs replacing

I developed Front-End software to control the Bosch Praesideo Controllers.

Several programmes were developed for the Bosch Praesideo including:

1. A BASIC CALL STATION which provided basic control over a Bosch Praesideo system with up to 32 Controllers linked via a TCP/IP network.

2. A more sophisticated system which provides control of up to 32 Bosch Praesideo controllers with automatic messages controlled by the fire panel and routing of audio from microphones linked to a remote Praesideo controller to the entire system.

3. A MESSAGE SCHEDULER programme to automatically start up to 300 schedules at pre-set times. This programme also includes the basic call station.

When Ateis started a UK based company I provided a LAPG2.aspx">basic call station programme to control the LAP-G2 controller and MESSAGE SCHEDULING software.
If the Ateis LAP-G2 system has IDAs attached then both the basic call station and MESSAGE SCHEDULER programme can provide information about the state of the system or individual zones whether they are in fault or in use.

If you would like more information about any of these products then please see the relevant pages on this site or