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Bosch Praesideo

The Bosch Praesideo Network can be controlled via a PC using the Bosch Praesideo Open Interface Software.

If you have a Bosch Praesideo System and want to write your own programme using the Open Interface and do not know how to begin or want some help then please contact me. The cost depends on how much help is required.

Programmes that interface to the Bosch Praesideo are:

A FAULT REPORTING PROGRAMME that detects faults in the amplifiers defined in the system.
it looks up which zone or zones are controlled by the amplifier, or circuit within the amplifier, and then indicates the faulty zones on the PC screen, sends an email to the system administrator and lights an led, or leds, on the fire panel to indicate which fire zone(s) are affected.


The programme that has a user defined screen to enable the starting of calls and also control background music.
This, at present, works with a single Bosch Praesideo Network Controller system (can have several Controllers linked via the Bosch fibre network) but can be easily modified to control several Networks linked via TCP/IP


Messages can be scheduled to play at certain times of the day.
The messages can be stored either in the Praesideo Network Controller or in the PC.
Upto 300 schedules can be set with the option of playing the message at any time outside of the schedule.

Special Messages can be set up so that if, say, a birthday message was to be broadcast on a certain date then it can be set up in advance and will automatically be broadcast unless deleted or cancelled.

Messages can be set without a schedule so that the user can play them at any time. The message can either have preset zones selected or the zones selected before the message is played. The system could be set up with no schedules just messages set up to be avaialable to play at any time.

A  demonstration version of the Praesideo Message scheduleris available. Use the Contact Screen to contact me for a link to the download page. 


Controls several Bosch Praesideo Network Controllers spread over a very large site connected via TCP/IP.
It has no limit on the number of Controllers but is set to 32. 

Audio is routed via Bosch Cobranet units over LAN network.

Start calls from a central location either locally or site-wide.

A local microphone connected to an Audio Input to the local Controller is used for the calls.

It can be setup so that calls started from a remote location using the standard Bosch Praesideo Call Station can be routed site-wide.
Automatic switching between Primary and Secondary Network Controllers should the Primary fails, and switching back when the Primary is repaired.

If a Network Controller goes down, or the PC loses contact due to a fault in the TCP/IP network, it will indicate a fault on the main screen and a separate screen displayed to show which Controller(s) are affected.
The programme will attempt to reconnect automatically after a short delay which will get longer until the PC only tries every 5 minutes.
The user can restart the attempts at any time. fault indication on the Main screen of any fault in the entire system.
The fault can be displayed on the screen or the user can use the Bosch Praesideo Logging programme to view the fault details.

Some of the sites that have Eiger Solutions programmes that interface to the Bosch Praesideo

MK Dons FC
Manchester Airport
Schwarz Pharma
O2 Arena
Lyon Airport (French Interface)
Musee du Quai Branley, Paris
Darlington Airport
Imperial war Museum London