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GateWatch Turnstile Monitoring

Gatewatch Turnstile Monitoring Software runs on a PC with Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7.

There are two versions of GateWatch:

Original Version utilises special Interface PCBs to which the turnstiles are connected. it can handle up to 64 turnstiles on a single PCB. The wires from the turnstiles have to be routed back to a central location near the PC and are connected to the PC using a special cable.

The new version uses remote units at the turnstiles connected to the PC using RS485. Each remote unit can count upto 4 turnstiles. Any number of turnstiles can be counted. The cost depends upon the number of remote units required. This version can replace an existing sytem that already has RS485 wiring installed.

Cabling of either system is normally carried out by the stadium or their representatives.

If cabling is to be carried out by Eiger Solutions then a site survey would be required to calculate the cost of installation. This is normally chargeable but may be deducted from the final cost.

If the GateWatch PC is connected to the local intranet then there is a Remote GateWatch programme that follows exactly what the main PC is showing. It cannot influence the main GateWatch PC and can be run on up to 6 PCs on the network.

A stand can be split into two or more segregated areas each fed by one or more turnstiles.
There can be up to 16 different layouts, each with up to 12 stand segments, so that a different layout can be used for different functions. The user can add or delete layouts as required.

A stand segment gives an indication of the following:
  • Stand  segment name
  • Number of people in the stand segment
  • Space left in stand segment
  • Flow rate - Number of people per minute
  • Time left to full - how many minutes it will take to fillthe stand segment at the present flow rate
  • A graphical indication of the percentage  full - a progress bar
  • An indication when the stand segment is 75% full
  • An indication when the stand segment is 90% full
  • An indication when the stand segment is 100% full


There is also a central area that gives the same information about the whole stadium.

The counting of each turnstile starts when the user presses 'Open Gates' and stops when 'Close Gates' is pressed.

After the Gates are closed then a summary of all the counts is displayed which can be printed.

A background picture can be added that, normally, shows the stadium layout.

Below is an example of the GateWatch Turnstile Monitoring screen layout which shows the west stand split into 3 areas and the soiuth stand split into 2 areas.



Eiger Solution supplies the computer with Windows 7/10, the GateWatch Turnstile Monitoring Software and Interface Boards loaded and one layout setup using information supplied by the user. Several layouts can be preloaded if desired.

If a layout is required to be pre-loaded then the following information is required:

  • Screen Title
  • Stadium Name
  • Number of turnstiles
  • Name of each turnstile
  • Order in which turnstiles are counted
  • Number of Stand segments
  • Name of each stand segment
  • List of turnstiles serving each stand segment

A general copy of the current Gatewatch Turnstile Monitoring Manual can be downloaded here

A brief explanation of the connections required can be found here although this may change as the currently used Interface board is no longer available and I am looking at another manufacturer.


If the turnstiles do not use individual wiring then please send me the details and I will look into whether the programme can be altered to use the available connections.


Eiger Solutions will only supply the computer and Interface . Any cabling from the turnstiles to a point near the PC will have to be done by the user.


If the site is not too far a site visit can be arranged to demonstrate the programme without charge. If a charge is made then it may be deducted from the cost of a system depending on the distance involved.




Some of the sites that have Eiger Solutions GateWatch Turnstile Monitoring Software:

  • Leicester City FC

  • Hull FC

  • Bristol City FC

  • Derby County FC

  • Millwall FC

  • Coventry City FC

  • Reading FC

  • MK Dons FC

  • Cheltenham FC

  • CreweFC

  • Leicester Tigers

  • Chester CIty FC

  • St Helens RFC

  • Salford City RFC

  • Torquay United FC