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Bosch Praesideo Call Station



Product details


There are two versions of the Praesideo Call Station


  1. A Basic Call Station which allows for the selection of zones for a microphone call and with a very basic recorded message playing facility.

  2. A much more sophicated Call Station which allows fore the selection of zones for a microphone call but has the facility to select up to 100 pre-recorded messages.

The Software provides a Computer Interface to the Bosch Praesideo Network Controllers. It can control up to 32 Controllers including automatic switching in a Primary/Secondary setup.  


there is also a Message Scheduling programme for the Bosch Praesideo Neteork Controllers. Please look at the Message Scheduler page for more information.



Product Highlights


 Both programmes are written using Visual Basic and provides all of the following features:


  • Operates up to 32 Bosch Praesideo Network Controllers (more if required)
  • Automatic switching of redundant Praesideo Network Controllers
  • Fully configurable screen layout
  • 128 Zones
  • 32 Groups
  • Status of call shown on screen
  • Display of time left for a voice call if call timeout set
  • Automatic ending of voice call if call timeout set
  • Status of Controller faults
  • Controlling prerecorded messages stored within the Praesideo Network Controllers
  • Controlling prerecorded messages stored within the PC
  • Background Music Schedule for each day.

Additional features that can be added:

  • Full Control of background music
  • Detecting Control Inputs
  • Detecting when Zones are in use
  • Automatic starting of calls or any function when control inputs are detected
  • Routing of calls from a remote call station to the entire system
  • Fault Logging and display
  • Call Logging







Up to 32 Bosch Praesideo Controllers can be accessed over a TCP/IP network with audio being routed via Cobranet or other means from the main Praesideo controller to the remote Praesideo controllers.  

Up to 128 zones can be configured with zones spread across several Praesideo controllers if needed. Zones can be grouped either in the front end software or in the Controllers with up to 64 Groups in the software. Each Group can contain up to 128 zones each. The same Zone could be in several Groups depending on the requirements.

Zones could also be grouped in to Buildings with up to 32 Buildings displayed on the screen. Buildings are basically the same as Groups and it gives a further 32 'groups' to display.


Pre-recorded messages can be stored in the PC or Praesideo Controller to be broadcast to selected Zones.
If the messages are short and only broadcast to Zones within a single Praesideo Controller then they can be stored in the Controller and selected via the software. If messages are lengthy or there are a lot of them which are constantly changing then they are best stored on the hard disc of the PC. This also has a major advantage where there are several Praesideo Controllers linked via a TCP/IP network. A message stored within the Praesideo Controller cannot be sent to other controllers over the network but a message  stored within the PC can, as a call can be started to all the relevant Praesideo Controllers and the message from the PC routed to all of them via the main Praesideo Controller over the Cobranet network.


The Basic programme can only handle 100 messages with the output zones preselected or selected before the message is played.

Also the if the messages are stored in the Bosch Praesideo Controllers then the same message must be stored in every Controller which means a lot of work if a message has to be altered or added.

The Message panel  can show messages stored in the PC and those stored in the Praesideo Controllers.
The messages panel  is normally moved off to the right and displayed when the Show Messages button pressed. It can be passworded so that unauthorized users cannot send pre-recorded messages over the network


The status of the the current call within the Bosch Praesideo Network Controller is shown on the right of the screen. It shows whether the Start Chime, Messages, Microphone, or End Chime is active. Also there is a progress bar which shows the amount of Talk Time is left. The Talk Time can be configured so that if, by accident, the Microphone is left open and the PTT is latched, the programme will automatically end the current call.

The status of any faults etc within the whole Bosch Praesideo Network is on the left.

The programme can also handle a Redundant Controller setup where there are two main Praesideo Controllers with one remaining inactive. Should the active one fail the system will automatically switch to the redundant Controller. The Programme will detect the switch and automatically connect to the standby Controller. The status of which Controller is in use is also displayed. When the Main Controller is repaired and the system switched back the programme will also switch back. Any calls in progress will be aborted by the switchover and will have to be restarted by the user. there is the possibility to restart any call that had been started when the switchover has finished.


Additional Features

There can be full control of background music playing across the network or locally within a single Bosch Praesideo Controller including a schedule for changing zones and volume for upto 3 times each day..

Contacts in or out can be detected by the programme to perform any task such as start a call, display on a panel or send an evac or alert message. In fact any action can be started by the Programme.


The programme can also detect when a Call Station on a remote Praesideo Controller is activated (requires some setting up to achieve) and can route the Call Station microphone to the rest of the Controllers, or a selection of Controllers, via the main Controller and Cobranet Network. The Praesideo Network is incapable of achieving this without a programme to control it.


The basic Call Station software just deals with normal voice calls and message transmission but the programme can be written to provide any facility required by utilising Contacts in or out on any Bosch Praesideo Unit in the network or monitoring calls started locally on a remote Bosch Praesideo Controller using a Bosch Praesideo Call Station.


If the system is connected to a fire panel it can provide automatic transmission of safety messages via the PC Interface.


There is really no limit on the number of Praesideo Controllers, Zones, Groups etc which can be accessed and can be increased to whatever is required.


 Also any layout is possible even using multiple screens to display different areas - especially useful if a large number of Zones is required.

PC Call Screen

The screen above shows various zone buttons and group buttons which can be pressed to select the zones which have been identified using the same colour


The screen can be configured to show individual Zones, Zone Groups and Building Groups in any configuration to suit the needs of the user.

In the  picture above buttons  marked zone 1 to zone 21 are individual Zones which, when selected, will just set the selected Zone in whichever Praesideo Controller(s) contain that Zone.

Main Admin Area and Main Workshop are Building Groups which, when selected, will set several zones which are included in that Building.

All Workshop, All Admin and External are Group Zones which act the same as Building Groups and set several zones which are included in that Group. All Call is a special Group that selects every Zone in every Praesideo Controller.

Although Groups and Buildings act very similar the difference is that a Building can only contain Zones while Groups can contain Zones and other Groups.

The Groups and Buildings are easily configured via the GroupZones and BuildingZones screen.
It is a matter of what the user wants to display to get the best out of the software.

The user selects which Zones, Groups and Buildings to display via the relevant screen for each of them and then positions them on the screen where they are wanted.

 The programme can be customised to include any requirements. Please contact for details.


 If you would like a demonstration version of the Praesideo Message scheduler then contact me and I will send a link to the download page. 


 Sites which have Eiger Solutions Bosch Praesideo Software 


Sites include:


  • O2 Arena

  • MK Dons FC

  • Urenco

  • Manchester Airport

  • Schwarz Pharma (Ireland)

  • Imperial War Museum, London

  • Darlingto Airport